First QUAINT Workshop

Video records from QUAINT2012 Conference - 24-26 Sep 2012, Southampton

Navin Khaneja Optimal control of coupled spin dynamics.
Burkhard Luy Limits of universal rotation pulses and ultrabroadband NMR spectroscopy.
Niels Chr Nielsen Recent applications of optimal control for the design of solid-state NMR and MRI experiments.
Zdenek Tosner NMR pulse sequence design by optimal control tools implemented in SIMPSON.
Dominique Sugny Geometric optimal control of spin systems with applications in nuclear magnetic resonance.
Ugo Boscain Controllability of the Schrödinger equation: the geometric approach.
Malcolm Levitt Composite pulses and quantum control.
Frank Langbein Bayesian Approaches for Learning Hamiltonians of Quantum Systems.
Frank Wilhelm-Mauch Making optimal control work for superconducting qubits.
Ilya Kuprov Packing large systems into small spaces: state space confinement using optimal control.
Sophie Schirmer Robust implementation of quantum gates.
Christiane Koch How to get what you want from optimal control.
Tommaso Calarco Optimal control of many-body quantum systems.
Alexander Pechen Are there traps in quantum control landscapes?
Thomas Schulte-Herbrüggen Noise control in quantum systems theory.
Shimshon Kallush How quantum is quantum control?