QUAINT is a pan-European Coordination Action on Optimal Control of Quantum Systems, funded by the European Commission Framework Programme 7, Future Emerging Technologies FET-OPEN programme. The objectives of the Coordination Action are as follows:

  1. To bring the ongoing projects in Optimal Control of Quantum Systems (funded by a variety of national and European agencies) into a European coordination framework.
  2. To take advantage of the breadth of expertise available in a large cooperative framework to produce a summary of consensus on the current state of the art and generate a common vision for future development in Quantum ICT.
  3. To contribute to knowledge transfer and reduce project risks associated with the notoriously complicated Quantum Systems technologies by sharing primary data, simulation results and software across the Consortium.
  4. To contribute to the development of early career scientists through the organization of meetings and workshops in Optimal Control of Quantum Systems.
  5. To contribute to the public understanding of science and technology by working with popular science reporting media to ensure that the reports are engaging, yet scientifically accurate.
  6. To engage with industrial companies with a view to transfer the expertise available within the Quantum Optimal Control community and reach a common vision on subsequent research and development work in the area.
  7. To provide policymakers with clear summaries of current scientific consensus and with outlooks on quantum processes in the context of Information and Communication Technologies.