Second QUAINT Workshop

Workshop materials for QUAINT2013 Conference - 8-10 Apr 2013, Dijon

C. Altafini Stabilization of stochastic quantum dynamics via open and closed loop control.
E. Assémat Hamiltonian singularities in the STIRAP process.
K. Beauchard Control and stabilization of the Bloch equation.
U. Boscain A spectral condition for the controllability of quantum systems.
N. Boulant Design of phase free refocusing RF pulses in magnetic resonance imaging at ultra high field and using parallel transmission.
T. Chambrion Energy estimates for bilinear quantum systems with low regularity.
S. Guérin Robust quantum control: from adiabatic to ultra-fast processes.
A. Karabanov Time averaging and space optimization in calculating multi-spin dynamics in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.
B. Luy Analytic coherence transfer functions.
M. Muller Rydberg single photon source at room temperature.
G. Muga Shortcuts to adiabaticity I.
D. Reich Optimal control of vibrational cooling with specially tailored functionals.
P. Rouchon Stabilization of Schrodinger cats in a cavity by reservoir engineering.
A. Ruschhaupt Shortcuts to adiabaticity II.
T. Schulte-Herbruggen Good news for controlling open systems.
F. K. Wilhelm-Mauch Control and characterization for human-made qubits.

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