SpinDrops App for iPhone

The SpinDrops iPhone app allows students and scientists in physics, chemistry, biochemistry and medicine to explore and to better understand basic and advanced magnetic resonance experiments.The rich dynamics of up to three coupled spins can be interactively explored and is useful in science and teaching.


New open source Python module for quantum optimal control in QuTiP

The quantum control group at Aberystwyth University have developed a Python module for quantum optimal control. The module has been incorporated into QuTiP (Quantum Toolbox in Python) and is now part of the official release 3.1.0, which was announced on 1 Jan 2015.

Spinach library

Spinach is a fast (polynomial complexity scaling for liquid state NMR) open-source spin dynamics simulation library that supports NMR, EPR, DNP, MAS, Optimal Control, PHIP, singlet state NMR and other forms of Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy. Spinach history and capabilities are summarized in the 2013 EPR Newsletter. The package is available for downbload from the Southampton group web site.


SIMPSON package

Aarhus and Prague groups are pleased to release a major update of SIMPSON. The simulations are significantly faster than previously, and many new features are added. Use the links on the right to download your flavour or download the source if you want to compile SIMPSON yourself. Please note that the new version of SIMPSON uses two new libraries, fftw3 and nfft3. The package is available from the developers' web site.


DYNAMO package

DYNAMO is a novel unifying algorithmic framework, designed to provide the quantum-technology community with a convenient Matlab-based toolset for optimal control. It gives researchers in optimal-control techniques a framework for benchmarking and comparing new proposed algorithms to the state-of-the-art. It allows for a mix-and-match approach with various types of gradients, update and step-size methods, and subspace choices. The package is available from the Tel Aviv group web site.