QuTiP Control tutorial

The tutorial is intended to give hands on experience of optimising pulses for the control for a varity of quantum systems. The control modules within the popular QuTiP library (Quantum Toolbox in Python. http://qutip.org/) will be used. We want delegates to be able to take home working version of the library along with the worked examples, and therefore we are running 'bring your own device' session. Instructions are provided below on how to get set up before the session. A VirtualBox image will be provided for anyone who does not wish to install the library and necessary components on their device. An an introduction will be given before the hands on part.

Spin Dynamics lecture course

Spin Dynamics is a graduate level lecture course aimed at physicists and chemists working professionally in the area of magnetic resonance spectroscopy or using advanced NMR and EPR techniques as a part of their research. The course includes over 50 hours of high-definition video and over 300 pages of handouts. All materials are located at the Southampton group web site.